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WirelessUnits (ex. EZLINX NET) robed me on Ebay

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Dear reader if you understand my situation PLEASE HELP ME – make a links in Internet to this post. or call them today: 1-800-352-9778 | 1-866-943-4737 | 570-270-3771 and tell them return money.

EZLINX.NET (www.wirelessunits.com – just another skin of that snake) INC
Letter was sent to Paypal Support
“They refuse return my money please help!”
They simple don’t care about what happens.
This letter for Capitol Communications, Inc.

This story  begun 11/17/08. I have bought on the

Ebay auction

, equipment


for the sum of $1013.49 of your division


.NET INC. Money has been paid by me on time and in full, through Paypal system. The equipment has been received by me. A week later during testing by specialists, it was discovered that it does not work. I have informed  EZLINX.NET INC through  Ebay. EZLINX.NET(www.wirelessunits.com) INC have requested to send it back. I have sent the equipment 01/15/09 with return receipt. I paid approximately $20 to send it back.  Then, I personally have sent several inquiries  to EZLINX.NET(www.wirelessunits.com) INC whether they received my parcel or not. However there was no replies.

Finally on 03/13/09 ( 4 months later) I have received the notice  that the parcel has been delivered to  EZLINX(www.wirelessunits.com). I have a confirmation of that delivery. After that, I have requested  EZLINX(www.wirelessunits.com).NET INC to refund amount of my purchase, however they refused, instead offering me a replacement.
I have told person by the name Weinberg that have lost  trust in  EZLINX(www.wirelessunits.com).NET INC and again have asked to return my money. Nobody has answered me. I have repeatedly demanded my refund, and again and again I was denied. Finally, I had no choice, but to let others knows about this company’s business practices.
Also for your information, on  10/05/09 I have received offer from EZLINX.(www.wirelessunits.com)NET INC  to return $800, instead  $1013.49 that I paid. I don’t think this is acceptable offer after the fact that you have had control of my money interest free for almost a year. Therefore, I  gave them another 24 hrs to make final decision. My letter is the next step in order to get my money back, also I have no choice but to further investigate my legal options, specially since I have been blocked on Ebay.

I have no intentions to give up.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

$1013.43 is a great amount of money for my family. Frankly, I can not afford to loose it.  Perhaps you can not relate.
Please, I need my money back in full amount, not replacement, not 80 cents on the dollar.


Here so concern buyers in EZLINX.(www.wirelessunits.com)NET INC and Ebay.

This information about transaction:

Business Contact Information
Customer Service URL: http://www.ezlinx.net; www.wirelessunits.com
Customer Service Email: jackw@ezlinx.net
Customer Service Phone: 570-8 23-9 8 04
Total Amount : -$ 1,013.49 USD
Fee a mount : $ 0.00 USD
Net amount : -$ 1,013.49 USD
Date: Nov. 17, 2008
Time: 09 :38 :11 PST
Status : Completed
Item #                  Item Title                                       Qty                  Price                         Subtotal
280283149046          Alvarion / BreezeCom AU-D-SA-5.8 -120-VL REV C      1             $ 999.99 USD             $ 999.99 USD
Shipping & Handling via Standard Delivery        $ 13.50 USD
(includes any seller handling fees):
Shipping Insurance :                     —
Total: $ 1,013.49 USD


I have bought from company EZLINX.NET(www.wirelessunits.com) the equipment on Ebay for more than $1000. The equipment has come not working. I have sent the equipment back. On inquiry to return money, refuse.

I am robed?

Compliant on IC3 have been filled – I0908191948228772.
Complaint Submitted to FTC – 23781585.

Also  they sell broken equipment on http://www.wirelessunits.com/, http://www.alibaba.com/member/ezlinxnetinc.html

69 Public Sq
Suite 1400
Wilkes-Barre, PA, 18701

If you also have been suffered from actions of the given company write in comments!

“My name is

Jack Weinberg

I am the president of Ezlinx.net. ”
from –


Also he has profile – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jack-weinberg/5/251/522. On that page he says – “My Company”.


is a distributor of


products. New and used products, bought and sold. We carry an extensive inventory. See our ebay auctions or call us at 1-866-439-5469. “FOR ALVARION WE ARE THE SOURCE” – SOURCE OF HEADACHE.

-from http://myworld.ebay.com/ezlinxnet/


Inc division of Capitol Communications, Inc. (http://capitolnetwork.com/)

– http://www.ezlinx.net/about.php
They also hosting provider – http://www.ezwebhoster.com/. If hosting is same quality as radio …


doesn’t care about loss money, so be careful they doesn’t help. As you can see Ebay just silently closed the case. Then you buying on

Ebay, Ebay

not on your side.


“Wireless Unit” reported to FTC commission (44345471).


Compliant ID I1303091648213071| wirelessunits.com

IC3 submitted I1303091648213071

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